Our Products

Purple Bedding make products that come into the category of comfort and luxury lifestyle. Plush soft texture of our fabrics are a treat to the customers of our clients and this is why we are fondly approached time and again for our products.


Our mattresses support the body weight while at the same time maintaining the body shape of the sleeper. We ensure this because the weight of the body sinking into the mattress is a major cause of slip discs and hip sprains worldwide.

Bed Linen

We cover the client bed mesh with plush and design them stylish. With finely matted locks of linen, the cloth is designed with utmost care and concern for it is made to last for several washes and uses.

Bath Linen

Bath linens demand finesse and softness in the fabric and the process for these are different from other linens that we produce. We keep them separate and safe for personal use fabrics deserve special care and know-how.

F & B Linen

Our F&B linen come in dark colors for the tables while polishing the chairs white, also going uniform on the hand towels and tablecloths. They stand stain and restore their original color without mixing in with stains too deep.


Curtains are that which invite dust, dirt and balls of soot from the outside and inside the room. A good curtain is that which stays fresh for long demanding less attention.


Uniforms made by purple bedding leave the staff with a sense of pride, belonging, ownership and responsibility towards their company and job role.

About Us

Gee yea home introduces itself as one of the leading manufacturer, exporter & distributor of linens. We are the First Branded manufacturer from south India. We specialize in manufacturing and merchandising of Bed Linens, Bath Linen, Hospital Linens, Made Up Articles, Uniforms, General Fabrics and more.