Luxury bed linen Products

Mattress Protector

300TC Micro Fibre at Top

120GSM Non Woven Fabric

150GSM Recron Quilting

4 Side 14″ Elastic Finish

Purplebedding’s thin pad mattress protector come with intricately quilted sheets that add on to the comfort of the mattress and provide a safety net for the mattress against the weight shocks. We also take care to keep them waterproof and the fabric has inbuilt heat sink properties because we want our end customers to be at home on the mattress protected with our mattress protector. With these assurances, the client has no more worries about liquids spilling on the mattress or the overheated mobile phone heating up the sleeping surface.

While the mattress is a strong buttress to the resting body, it is the sheets that come in close contact with the skin. Sheets are intimate and thus they must be made with extreme caution and cognizance. Purple bedding sheets are comfortable to the user. They are made using fabric that adapt to the surrounding weather and spread warmth or coziness to the sleeper’s skin with gentleness and care. On the other hand, they are easy to maintain since we make them wrinkle free thus not requiring frequent ironing from the housekeeping staff.

Premium Bed Sheets

400TC, 300TC, 250TC, 220TC

Customized Sizes

High Quality Yarn

Single & Double Pick

Premium Pillows

Soft, Hard & Memory Pillow

300TC Outer Fabric

Micro & Conjucated Fibre

950 & 1100 grams

Pillows are the most important piece of your slumber puzzle. Take a chance and pick a wrong one and we bet you will spend a handful sleepless nights before tossing it in the trash. Unlike most low-grade products, our pillows are made with carefully chosen filling and are not unduly puffed and blown with air nor are they stuffed with too much filling making them hard as a plank. They give the perfect balance between a dense surface and a squishy pusher yielding just the right pressure on the collar nerves and the neck. Our pillows come with optimum softness and the perfect flatness for the sleeper.

Duvets are expected to provide ample breath-ability and vent. Good duvets should be easy to replace. Our duvets are sewed to finesse on all the sides with options to remove the filling for replacement as and when needed. This provision is mostly ignored in other company duvets. Our clients find joy in procuring Purple Bedding duvets because duvets occupy the most tangled part of the bedding kit. Yet we have conquered this problem keeping in mind the needs of the customers and clients as the top concern.

Feather Soft Duvet

1.5D Micro Fibre

300GSM Recron

10″ Box Quilting

Single, Queen, King Sizes

Premium Pillow & Duvet Covers

400TC, 300TC, 250TC, 220TC

High Quality Yarn

Customized Sized

10″ Flop and Strings

Pillow and duvet covers are the most frequently changed pieces of the housekeeping set. There is no bargain on the frequent wash that they need but the focus for us while manufacturing these, is making them stand summers and winters of the weather. If they are going to be washed everyday, then they better be made with durable material and also married with materials that do not wear away after sun-lit or hot dryer machines. This has been our philosophy behind furnishing high-quality pillow and duvet covers.

Runners add life to everything that is about bedding and seating. The hospitality business has categorized vibrant and jazzy colors for runners since they not only contrast the bright white and the likes of colors of the mattresses and pillows but also protect them from the damage of the daily drill from suitcase or shoes. Our cushions simply complete the look of our client’s hotel room and are supposedly fondly provided so the guests can have informal conversations at the elbow of this soft plush.

Decorative Runners & Cushions

Designer Fabric

120 GSM Recron & Quilt Finish

350g Hallow Fibre


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